iPhone 6 Plus Deluxe Tempered Glass Protector Pro | Armor Garde | Book PKG

Deluxe Tempered Glass Protector PRO for iPhone 6 Plus – Book PKG

Tempered Glass Screen protector for the iPhone 6 plus from Armor Garde. Crystal clear for natural screen view and 9H hardness to prevent chipping and cracking.

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Deluxe tempered glass offers a second layer of protection for the Apple iPhone 6 plus. ArmorGarde Tempered Glass Protectors offer superior durability, scratch prevention and complete protection. Finished with the highest quality Nippa self adhesive film for quick and easy installation.


9H Hardness

Prevents screen from chipping and cracking
Full Transparency

Crystal, clear, natural screen view
Perfect Adhesion

Advances silicone adhesion makes for easy and firm application
Delicate Touch

The protector will not affect the touch screen’s sensitivity due to firm adhesion.

Anti-shatter film means that if broken, the tempered glass breaks into safe pieces that are not hazardous.

Packaging Details: Book style packaging with color coated paper and mobile phone model printed on the front. ODE/OEM packaging & design available.