Handheld Hot Air Gun Station – Best 858D – For Reworking Mobile Phone ICS and other Electronic Parts

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Brand New Handheld Hot Air Gun Soldering Station – Best 858D – For Reworking Mobile Phone ICS and other Electronic Parts.

1. Closed circuit Sensor, micromputer zero-crossing soft touch temperature control, LED visual display, high power, rapid rise of temperature,accurate and stable temperature, little influence of air outflow, and unsoldering without lead.
2. Adjustable airflow, large and soft airflow, easy adjustment of temperature,suitable for multiple usages
3. Hand handle with sensor switch,the system will tum into the working mode While the handle is held and the system will standby while the handle is put on the holder, which is very convenient for operation
4. Automatic cooling function of the system will prolong the life of heating element, and protect the hot air gun
5. Brushless fan with long lifetime,low noise: high quality heating element with good quality heating wire and double efficiency at the same power will prolong its life and save energy.

1. Suitable for unsoldering multiple components,such as SOIC,CHIP,QFP,PLCC and BGA,etc(especially for flat cables and cable connectors).
2. Applicable for hot-contrion, heating, depainting, degluing, defrosting, preheating and rubber soldering, and so forth.