Smartshield 9H Film Protector


Oleophobic coating provides smudge resistance from finger prints and keeps the grease away from the smartphone display. It also provides water resistance and improves usability which makes it sensitive to the touch.

The Ultimate Flexibility and Protection

Smartshield Film is shatterproof and does not bend or break when folded like most film protectors.

The Toughest, Thinnest Screen Protector Film Yet

Other Film Protectors don't Compare

The SmartShield from ArmorGarde is Twice as thin as other film protectors

The Ultimate Protection for Smartphones

Protects Smartphone Screens from sharp items, such as keys, knives and nails with the best 9H Hardness Tempered Glass.

Smartshield Film Protectors are manufactured using a highly secret process that gives a distinct clean edge. The competitors use laser cutter process on their films but this produces an uneven cut and off-color finish around the edges.

ODE/OEM packaging & design available